Monday, October 20, 2008

Scarin' Up Some Spooky Sunday Fun

My great friend, Monica, gives and gives and gives and gives...(ok, I'll stop now, because she reads my blog and I don't want to utterly embarrass her, but you get the point--she's extremely giving). She called me earlier in the week and invited the family to a mini "Thanksgiving Dinner" yesterday, claiming she had a turkey that needed to be cooked up. It's not that I doubt that she needed to cook her turkey, but if it wasn't a turkey, it would've been something else that needed to be cooked AND shared. She's one of the most selfless individuals I've ever met and her friendship is such a gift--even without the turkey (which was delicious, by-the-way). So, we accepted the invitation (duh!), because if you've ever had one of Monica's home-cooked meals, you know they are to die for. I have to admit I leave with my self-esteem somewhat shaken because, as I've told Monica, my husband never eats that much of my cooking. Anyway, moving on...I asked Monica what I could bring to the feast. And, I'm not sure if she's just such a giver that she rarely lets me bring something, or if Josh's stories about my cooking have kind of scared her off (it's not bad's just a rare occurrence), but nevertheless, usually the conversation ends with Monica allowing me to bring a salad of some sort, because I "make good salads". So, I agreed to bring a salad. This time, however, I decided to press my luck and offer to bring a kid friendly dessert too. I thought maybe the kids would have fun decorating some Halloween sugar cookies. So, the kids and I got dressed up in our Halloween t-shirts, baked up some sugar cookies and tinted some frosting. We loaded some baggies full of candy corn and Halloween-colored M&Ms, as well as some chocolate chips for decorating. The kids could hardly wait to go to Monica's. I made them snap a few pictures in their Halloween shirts before leaving. They only smiled because I told them we wouldn't be going to see Emory and Bronson until I got some decent shots. Thanks for the delicious dinner Monica!

Here are some pictures from our Sunday.

Our amazing host and her son Bronson.
(picture stolen from her blog)


Mari Elizabeth said...

SO FUN! I dont think your cooking can be bad, i mean you are QUEEN of all things DOMESTIC!

Rebecca said...

She is amazing! I love it when people inspire me to be better, and she is one of those for sure. Oh are you!

OzzyFamily said...

I love seeing all the adorable pictures of your family - such cute children you have. I love this time of year! I look forward to seeing some pictures of your kids in their Halloween costumes :)

Kristin Bjorn said...

Too cute Jen. You are so festive..lovin it!