Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I was Tagged...almost a month ago

I'll admit it. I'm as lame as they come. A great friend, Rebecca, tagged me in her blog almost a month ago, and I saw the tag and still did nothing about it. In my defense, the tag assignment was to go to your pictures, click on the fourth folder and then the fourth file and post the picture and write a little about it. Small problem. For my birthday, my husband bought me a brand new computer which means I didn't have any pictures on my computer yet, let alone 4 folders worth. So, I've been putting this task off until I could legitimately complete it.

Here is the 4th picture from the 4th file on my computer (it's not even a blog-worthy picture, lol):

Some info on this picture: I guess you can officially call me a "soccer mom". I drive the mini-van, spend time looking for shinguards & soccer socks, freeze my behind off in the cold each Saturday, and launder uniforms in the wee hours of the morning for the next days' game. This picture shows Jacob and a teammate playing in one of those games at the YMCA OUTDOOR Sports Park. (Funny, I swear I signed up for INDOOR soccer.)

I tag: Jodi, Karina & Amy G. (Don't worry...take all the time you need.)


Rebecca said...

Thanks Jen, that's funny. I love that tag because it is very simple and easy. I was just there in that park yesterday during the YMCA homeschool co-op, it is nice! I'm horrible. Ruby wants to play soccer, and I just can't bring myself to sign her up. I have four jock brothers, and I think I was traumatized by being dragged around from soccer field to soccer field my entire life on Saturdays. I HATE SOCCER now. I hate the schedule and how it takes over your life, not to mention the weather that often accompanies the season. I'm all for indoor. I should look into that for Ruby. I feel like she has so much going on already though!