Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carving Time

You'd think with the last name of CARVER we would be experts at carving turkey, wood and especially pumpkins. Think again! I must confess, we cheat. We buy those Pumpkin Master Halloween Carving books, complete with scraper and mini-saw. We tape the pattern on to our pumpkin, trace around the design and then go to town with the tool kit. This year, Kaylee and I teamed up and Josh and Jacob worked together. We let the kids choose our "cheat sheet".

I noticed that there are free templates on their website: http://www.pumpkinmasters.com/free_patterns_main.asp . Wish we would have known that before we forked out $4.99.

Here are some pictures to document the fun.


Mari Elizabeth said...

FUN! I love pumpkin carving! Your kids are WAY better at it than we are though! haha.

AmyG said...

we use those patterns too! it's the only way to go. lol

Karina Rigtrup said...

I love that it bothers you that you spent $4.99 when you could have gotten it for free. Your a girl after my own heart!

Jessica said...

Looks like fun!!!