Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Madness
Month ‘O Contests

Things are going to get a little bit crazy on SimpleGPT this month. Over $1,200 in cash and prizes will be given out all month long, with a different prize being given away DAILY! That’s right guys, a different prize will be given out each day of the month, & there is no limit to the number of times YOU can win!

Thomas Jefferson once said, “I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Well, I’m here to tell you the harder you work completing offers this month on SimpleGPT, the luckier you can be.

Daily Offer Completion Contest Details: Complete the most offers each day to win!

Each day the member who has completed the most offers by 11:59 p.m. EST will win one of the following prizes to be given away during the month (the number in parentheses denotes how many of each prize will be given away during the month):

(15) $10 Paypal cash bonuses or 1000 points

(5) $20 Paypal cash bonuses or 2000 points

(4) $30 Paypal cash bonuses or 3000 points

(2) $50 gift cards of choice or 5000 points

(1) Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle for Wii by Activision Inc.

(2) Coby Electronics TF-DVD7107 7-Inch Portable DVD Player

(1) Nintendo DS Lite

(1) Apple iPod Nano 8 GB Black (4th Generation)

**Please Note: The prize given away each day will be random from the prize list, & member standings will be hidden to add to the fun and excitement of this month’s contest, so please do not ask admin or mods for details. Each day a forum post will be made announcing the daily winner and prize. Winning members wishing the point equivalent instead of Paypal or stated prize, should submit their request via the trouble ticket system.

Month Long Offer Completion Contest Details: Complete the most offers during the whole month of March to win!

1st Place: Nintendo Wii

Month Long Referral Contest Details: Refer the most new members in March who complete at least one offer and you'll win!

1st Place: $30 Paypal cash bonus or 3000 points
2nd Place: $20 Paypal cash bonus or 2000 points

May the luck ‘o the Irish be with you!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Teaching An Old Dog,
New Tricks 101

I discovered something ladies...
you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

(It just requires the proper motivation...and some good old-fashioned ego stroking.)

Case in point: Year after year, we've done the same old, same old for Valentine's Day (not that I'm complaining...same old is much better than nothing!!) But this year, I was kind of hoping for a little. more. effort.

(Yes...I said the E word.)

And, to my great pleasure, my old dog, delivered up some fantastic new tricks!

{Insert ego stroking here...}

Behold, Valentine's Day 2009:
Scavenger Hunt 'O Love

Pre-hunt with Sean and Jodi.

Jodi and I killing time while we gave the boys a head start.
We had strict orders not to read the first clue until 7:00 p.m.

The boys led us on a wild goose chase all around town. At each location they left 2 long-stemmed roses and our next clue. Not only did we have to figure out locations, but we had to accurately solve some riddles from our collective couple history to figure out which clue to read next.

Jen finding a clue hidden in the garden at Firgrove Elementary.

Jodi flashing a big smile after discovering a clue hidden by the McDonald's drive-thru sign (or was it relief at not having to actually drive your car thru the drive-thru to get your next clue?)

Book drop at the South Hill library.

Ecstatic after finally finding the clue at Lipoma Firs.
(Hopefully, we're not on some hidden security camera for trespassing!)

YMCA membership desk...after closing time. Yikes!

Puyallup So. Stake Center Storage Shed.

Silver Creek Soccer Field

Carson Elementary

The clues took us all across town from Wal-Mart to the golf course, to Josh's storage shed to the elementary school. Twelve clues, each with a rose which eventually led us to dinner and our biggest prize of all...Our men (with the final rose completing our dozen roses.)

We loved the well-planned, fun, romantic evening...

and to think that it could occur

"all because two people fell in love."

To my "old dog" Josh, I can't believe you've put up with me for nearly 11 years. As I reflect on our first Valentine's Day together 11 years ago when your tricks were still new and you surprised me with a diamond ring and asked me to marry you, I still feel giddy. I love you as much today as I did then...and a whole lot more! Thank you for the extra effort this Valentine's Day. You're the best. I'm still the luckiest girl in the world!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Royal Engagement

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, lived not one, but two little girls who dreamed of having a royal princess party with all of their little friends to celebrate their upcoming 4th birthday. Not wanting to be the wicked step-mothers depicted in their daughter's favorite bedtime stories, the mothers of these two little girls got together and devised a royal plan: A princess party fitting of two princesses!

First, a sparkling invitation was delivered by royal coach (Dodge Caravan/ Nissan Pathfinder)inviting all the fair maidens in the land to attend the royal celebration.

Next, the finest bakers (Costco Bakery) in the land were charged with creating a cake to delight the palates of the invited guests.

The fairy mothers busied themselves with balloon orders, decorations, party favors, game preparations and crafts worthy of such a grand occasion. With a wave of their wand (and a lot of duct tape & push pins)they transformed the ordinary church gym into a fancy castle ballroom.

Favor bags and princess puzzles for every guest.

Body glitter craft.

Glitter crown craft.

Princess artwork & sticker craft.

Princess "primping" station.

Royal nail salon.

Finally, the long-awaited for day arrived. Princess Kaylee and Princess Brooke dressed in their finest gowns, as did their princess friends.

They danced, crafted, primped and played!

Then, we "let them eat cake".

Finally, the girls opened presents from their very generous friends.

When the party was over and the royal ballroom had turned back into the church gym, the princesses and their tired mothers returned home to live "happily ever after."