Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Madness with Monica

O.K. So, remember that friend, Monica, that I mentioned a few posts back? Well, she's continuing with her habit of spoiling me and my kids with so much fun at what has been nicknamed "Monday Madness with Monica" that when we return home it's back to the usual "Monday Mundane with Mom".

Last weeks' Monday Madness with Monica featured some adorable birdseed feeders, which we missed making due to the unfortunate fact that I waited...AND...waited...AND waited...for repairmen to show for a scheduled 9:00 a.m. appointment. I bet ya can't guess what time they finally showed? NEVER!! (Details saved for another post.)

So, today, Kaylee was more than eager to head out the door for Monday's Madness since she'd missed the fun last week. This time, Monica had a fun cooking class planned. Kaylee was thrilled to find her little apron that Monica had made her a few months back. She said, "Mom, I am setting my apron out so that it is all ready to go."

Upon arriving, we were greeted by 5 other little eager cooks-in-training (Emory & Bronson, Caleb Holmes, and Kylee and Kennedy Shakespeare). There were 6 disposable bread pans and markers so the kids could label their creation. The kids took turns adding ingredients and stirring. They loved it and couldn't wait for their turn to participate.

Afterwards, the kids had a fun little lunch, ate homemade donuts and cookies and participated in a fun little Halloween story.

Kaylee cannot wait until next week's Monday Madness.

Sidenote: When are you gonna start Terrific Tuesday and Wonderful Wednesday? (I'm hoping to avoid Tuesday Torture and Wednesday Wipe-out myself.)


Mari Elizabeth said...

THAT is the cutest thing EVER! I am going to have to start that once I have kids "Mari's Monday Madness!" Dont we all wish we had names with an 'M'?

AmyG said...

how fun!