Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Miss Independence

Kaylee has turned into our Little Miss Independence over night. Gone are the days where I can choose what she wears, how her hair is fixed or what she eats. And, anything that she feels she can do herself, she does. "No Mom, I can do it myself," she'll say proudly. "I'm big now." And, for the most part, she is.

Here are the top 10 things she can do by herself:

1. Dress herself.
2. Brush her teeth.
3. Put on her shoes.
4. Clean up her toys.
5. Get a snack.
6. Ride her scooter.
7. Put her clothes in the dirty clothes.
8. Unload the dishwasher. (She still needs help putting things away.)
9. Feed herself.
10. Say her prayers.


Shells said...

How old is Kaylee now? Enoch is right at that same stage. Except in his case he doesn't get near a dishwasher, but loves to help push the buttons to start the washer and dryer. Very cute, and sometimes frustrating (for us and them) age.

Jen said...

Kaylee turned 3 in March. (I like to say she is 3, going on 30 though. Some days she thinks she rules the world, lol.)

Spikers said...

She is so adorable!! She really is, all grown up!! Well, sort of!