Monday, July 14, 2008

Party Crashers

Last Saturday, our friends (yeah...we actually have some)the Elwells, invited us to crash their neighborhood block party. Their neighborhood really knows how to party with the best of 'em. I'm not sure whether the kids had more fun or the adults. Here is the short list of events:

1. Bike parade
2. Visit from the local Fire Dept. (kids could ride the truck, spray the hose, etc..)
3. Bounce house
4. Dunk tank
5. Massive water balloon fight
6. BBQ
7. Games & relays
8. Pie eating contest
9. Fire pit & marshmallow/weenie roast
10. Donut eating on a string
11. Raffle

We had a blast. Thanks Elwell family & neighbors!

Jacob competing in a scooter race.

Jen & Kaylee chowing down.

Kaylee & Natalie stocking up on water balloons.

A crowd gathering at the dunk tank.

Josh and Sean (a.k.a. "Hero")

Kaylee and Brooke eating what was left from the donut eating contest.

Jacob doing the "Hula Hula" relay race.

Jen & Jodi having some fun.


Rebecca said...

What insanity is that?! I can't believe that! I love to hear of little neighborhoods doing such unified things. What fun, and so unique!

So the other day, I was doing Mimi's daughter's hair, which is twice as long as Ruby's (though she's only 3). I got excited, and decided to do your little braid loops. They were DARLING, but Ellie wouldn't leave them in her hair for five minutes! Didn't even manage a picture. Anyway, what did I do to deserve bald children!?

Rebecca said...

I won't delete my previous comment, but can I just say that I love having bald children who have red and white blood cells, functioning organs and all their limbs, fingers and toes?! I just don't want to make light of case the end of my last comment would seem trite or ungrateful. Bald kids are the best!