Friday, June 27, 2008

Peanut Butter Predicament

Those of you who know me well, know that my favorite treat of all time is the Peanut Butter Twix (ok...and sour gummy candy).

You may also know that I'm in a competition with my friend Jodi to avoid candy/treats for 4 weeks. The loser buys the winner dinner. (We are allowed one "goof" day each week, with the new week starting each Sunday.) So, here's my predicament. On my goof day (which I've scheduled for July 4th), I'd like to be able to enjoy my favorite treat, but I can no longer find the original Peanut Butter Twix. It seems that the Mars company has decided to permanently replace my favorite candy bar of all time with this little imposter:

Those of you who are not Peanut Butter Twix aficionados, may mistakenly think that the differences between the original and new Peanut Butter Twix bars are minor. How wrong you are! The chocolate wafer cookie in the middle completely changes the desirability of the bar. Why Mars thinks they can retire MY favorite candy bar without consulting ME is offensive...mostly to my palate. The official word on the street is that the original bars still exist, one here and another there. Maybe a box or two at a random convenience store. But, once they are gone...they are gone, leaving me the dilemna of finding a new favorite treat (since in my book, the new PB Twix just doesn't cut it). ***Note: I'm up for suggestions. Post your favorite treat in the comments. :)

So, if you are truly my friend, I issue you this challenge: Find me one (just one)original Peanut Butter Twix and get it to me before July 4th! (I'll even spring for the postage!)


Stephanie said...

So now I'm pretty much going to be looking for them everywhere I go, A) to fulfill your dreams, and B) just to see if I can find it. Kind of like a treasure hunt. Go!

Rebecca said...

Get a lawyer!

Spikers said...

hahahah! I love this!! I obviously don't spend enough time with you, because i had NO idea about this ...obsession of yours :). PS. I know a lawyer...haha.

April & Chris said...

I FEEL your pain! They are my favorite also! The new chocolate cookie ones just don't cut it! (They're actually pretty gross and a huge disappointment!) You're pretty lucky if you've found some here and there! I haven't seen them in a couple of years! Anyway... if I find one, I'll MAYBE share it! ;)