Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fun on the Fourth

The Fourth of July is a blessed holiday. It reminds me of the blessings I enjoy because of the sacrifices made by others. I am so thankful I was able to spend this day with family I love.


OzzyFamily said...

Hey - its Michelle (Anderson) I just found your blog through Jon & Melissa's blog so I added you to my list of bloggers. I hope you don't mind. It will be a good way to maybe stay in touch a little better. Your family is adorable and it was fun to look at how cute everyone is. I hope you are doing well. We just moved to Logan and are loving it. We've been here two weeks and finally got into a house of our own. Life is good.

Jon and Melissa said...

Michelle beat me to it, but I found your blog, and thought it would be fun to keep in touch a little better with some of the Price cousins. Your kids are adorable! I loved the post of you breaking into Nate and Lynlee's place-funny, funny.

mari elizabeth said...

I cannot believe how big Landon is! He is sooo cute!! And my favorite picture is the last one, with Josh & Kaylee...soooooo cute! You are so good about taking alot of pictures! Your kids will always remember things, thanks to you!