Friday, July 25, 2008

Outtakes From a Fun-filled Week

We had a fun week with the kids. You've heard the saying, "pictures say a thousand words", so I'll keep my comments short and let you view for yourself.

Jones' Lake house

Jacob & Kaylee on the boat with Elizabeth and Rick.

Jacob and Slater fishing with Mikey.

Bowling outing with Lallatins.

Family photo op before heading to the Youth Dance Festival.


Spikers said...

I cannot believe how big Landon is & that we haven't even met him yet!! I can't wait for October! That last picture of him is CRACKING ME UP! He looks SOOOOOO annoyed of taking pictures! haha. I love it! Ps. Thanks for the moral support, we should start a single-wife club! I swear Josh has had 10callings in the YM's already! Tell him to quit being so good at it so they stop calling him! haha. Hang in there! Miss you!!

Rebecca said...

Fun! I wish I hadn't been out of town for the DF. I bet that was fun to see!