Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Great to Be Eight!

Perhaps the most significant event of our holiday break didn't occur on Dec. 25th or Jan. 1st, but rather on Saturday, January 2nd as Jacob chose to be baptized as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a special day as we were surrounded by family and friends to witness Jacob take this important and necessary step.
Jacob was baptized by his dad (Josh), and had the privilege of having both grandpas here to witness his baptism. Following his baptism, Josh confirmed him a member of The Church and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost.
As members of The Church, we believe that being baptized, as Jesus was, shows our willingness to follow His example and make covenants with God. As we are baptized, we take on Christ's name. We make special promises to keep His commandments and always remember Him.

After we are baptized, we receive a special gift--the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is a special member of the Godhead who helps us know the difference between right and wrong. He helps testify of truth. He is also known as the Comforter and can speak peace to our minds.

Something unique about our church is that in order to be a candidate for baptism, you must have reached the age of eight years old ("age of accountability"). This is the age that a child is old enough to determine right from wrong. This age was set by revelation. Because our sins are wiped away as we are baptized and we become wholly clean, it is important that we are old enough to be able to make correct decisions from that point forward and/or recognize when we have chosen wrong and exercise the power of repentance.
Some may wonder why we dress in white: white represents purity. Therefore, we do it to symbolize the washing away of sins and the purity that remains after baptism.

You may wonder why it is that as members of The Church we believe in baptism by immersion (complete dunking under water) vs. the sprinkling of water, common in other churches. We are immersed to represent the burial and resurrection of the Savior. As he was buried in the tomb, so we are buried in the water. As he came forth from the tomb to a newness of life as a resurrected person, so we come forth from baptism in water to a newness of a religious life on earth, serving the Lord and keeping his commandments.

So you see, baptism by immersion helps us remember the burial and resurrection of Christ. This is one reason baptism is so important to us.

We are so proud of Jacob and the decision he made to follow the Savior.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

We are so proud of Jacob, and still can't believe how big he has become!! I am so proud of him for making this decision :)

ps Im happy you are blogging again!! xoxo

holly said...

what a great post jen! what a wonderful day this was for your family and your friends!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

I can't imagine this joy! Congrats to you all, what a great boy and an awesome choice!