Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Hereby Resolve...

Wow! Making goals to last an entire year is tough! First, you have to think of things that you really want to change, improve upon or start doing. Second, you have to choose goals that are reachable within the time frame of a year. And finally, you have to DO them!

I hereby resolve to:

1. Be more patient with these individuals.

2. Become more physically fit. (Lose pregnancy weight BEFORE Hawaii.)

3. Learn how to use more of the snazzy features on my camera.

4. Replenish/Rotate our food storage.

5. Organize/purge garage.

6. Save for new couches/furniture in living room.

7. Teach myself to use Photoshop.
8. Get my Christmas cards done in July.
9. Improve my daily spiritual feasting.
10. Try something or go somewhere new!


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

GREAT resolutions! Now that you've posted them, we expect updates on how they are doing! xoxo

Jennifer said...

Love 'em! I'm sure you'll accomplish them all.