Sunday, June 22, 2008

Operation: Pint-Sized Picasso

Josh arrived home from a church meeting tonight to discover Kaylee had pulled off one of her token stealth operations. Here is the synopsis of Operation: Pint-Sized Picasso.

Timing was key to the operations' success. While I was busy feeding Landon his dose of solid foods for the evening, Kaylee took advantage of my diverted attention. As slyly as a fox she:

A.) Snuck into my craft cupboards to get the art apron.
B.) Scaled the kitchen drawers to reach the water colors on a "high" shelf.
C.) Scavenged plain white typing paper from Josh's office printer.
D.) Secured a cup of water for mixing the watercolors.
E.) Set up her art "studio" on the light carpet in the living room (thankfully, no casualties to report).
E.) Managed to go undetected for a whole 15 minutes before being discovered.
(Once discovered, she was transported to the craft room for a "debriefing" & was allowed to finish her mission objectives.

Here are some pictures of her masterpiece. I'd say her mission was a success!


Carrie said...

Jen- Darling pics! My gosh, her look has changed in just a few weeks..looking more like a big girl. :) Where does the time go? I'm so glad to hear there were no casualties... If there were, I'm sure the C.P.D (aka- Carpet Police Department) would have surely brought in the big guns. Next, time store the paints on the roof!..... Carrie

Nate and Lynlee Price said...

Ha ha that is so cute. It's a lot harder to be mad at someone when they're as cute as she is. I love and miss her!!


Spikers said...

SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! I know I sound like the bad influence, but I think its totally AWESOME that she did that! hahah. She seems like she got this "sneaky" gene from you both though, you are always trying to pull tricks & Josh too! Awww I miss you guys!! I know I say that all the time, but its just so true!

Mindee Graver said...

Hey! I'm glad I found you on here, your kids are so dang cute! I think you have a future artist on your hands!