Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lucky By Association

My brother Doug is the poster child for LUCK. He is one of the luckiest guys I know. Granted, he works hard too, and usually his hard work pays off, but I'm convinced that luck is also involved. Last Fall, he won the weekly $1,000 giveaway on an online GPT (Get Paid To)site called SWATcash that we both do work on during our free time. (A future blog post will be dedicated solely to SWATcash, but if your curiosity is killing you, check out the site by clicking on the link listed in my favorite websites list.)He has won Ipods, computer speakers, gift cards, etc... The list is endless.

Well, most recently he won 4 tickets to the Tim McGraw concert being held at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn by entering an online radio contest. Fortunately for me, he had already purchased 2 tickets to the concert so he and his wife Jess could attend. So, being the incredibly generous brother that he is, he called and offered me two tickets to attend the concert. Of course, being the Tim McGraw fan that I am, I jumped on the chance to see him in the flesh! Unfortunately, Josh (as the newly called YM Pres. in our ward), couldn't skip out of his responsibilities last night, so I was able to take a close friend instead.

I love being lucky by association! Thanks Doug (and Jess), for a fun night out at a great concert! Good karma, coming your way. May your luck never run out! (FYI: I am always willing to play the role as the grateful beneficiary of your good fortune.)


Rebecca said...

Why don't I follow the concert circuit better?! I LOVE (like, that picture send my tummy a flip-flopping) Tim McGraw!!!!!!! I did see he and Faith last year for my birthday, but I just can't get enough of HIM on stage. So envious! I think I did know he was coming, but had previous commitments or something. Anyway, he's hot.