Monday, November 3, 2008

A Face That Only A Mother Could Love

Seriously? Who invented "biter biscuits"? It could not have been a woman. Our species would not have created something so messy. The only redeeming quality about these little bug loves them. Just be prepared, you will have to call in the firing squad when your baby is finished eating to hose everything down, including your baby. You think I'm kidding? You have been warned. Lol. (Oh, I forgot...there is one other "good" thing...they come in a 12-pack. Only 11 more hose downs to go.)


AmyG said...

haha! i hate those things. I foolishly gave one to Matthew when he was a baby - never had another. what a pain to clean up. :)

lauren said...

I LOVE that face too!! so cute- messy, but still so sweet.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

He has the most amazing eyes! haha. I dont know why that was my first comment, especially after all the ORANGE on his face..haha..maybe the orange makes them stand out? Either way, I LOVE HIM! And when I am a mom, I am not buying those cookies..i need these kind of tips, keep 'em comin!

Katie & Chewy Shakespeare said...

I know. I was reading on your blog how you are obsessed with Halloween, and it made me laugh because both me and chewy LOVE Christmas. Our neighbors probably already think we are crazy cause we have santa, lights, and garland up, while they still have pumpkins and skulls out!!!

I've been meaning to ask you how you got the music to go on your blog. I made a playlist but can't figure out how to put it on my blog and make it work?! Any ideas?