Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here's the story of three cluttered purses...

(Sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch.)

Here's the story of a crazy lady,
Who was bringing up three very active kids.
All of them had wants and needs, like their mother,
The youngest one in Pampers.

Here's the story of three cluttered purses.
That were filling up with junk all of their own.
All of them had piles of change, like the others,
the nicest one had more.

Till the one day, when the lady read her friend's blog.
And she new it was much more than a hunch
That these purses were so in need of purging,
That's the way she's motivated in a crunch.

The blogging bunch. The blogging bunch.
That's the way, she's motivated in a crunch.

Story behind this post: My friend Carrie is frank, honest and open on her blog. I love it. While she's pretty much next to perfection in my book, she did expose one deep dark secret. She keeps a dirty purse. (Shhh...don't tell her I told you.) She showed the world the contents of her purse on her blog. She then proceeded to challenge some friends to show the contents of their purses, claiming she would've "tagged" me, but she knows my purse would be clean & therefore boring. I'm here to prove her wrong. Not only do I have one dirty purse, I have 3! (Don't judge me...I know it's sick and wrong.)

Proof is in the pictures:

Here are the interesting things I found in my purse:

Frequent buyer punch cards for stores that no longer exist.
Ring pop. (You know, the sucker ring pop that we all pretent we're too old to enjoy?)
Receipts for items I no longer own. (You know, might want to hold on to those receipts for a couple more years "just in case" I need to return the items.)
Enough pens to last a year. (Not sure how they always migrate...)
Two zero balance unreloadable VISA gift cards. (Those might come in handy some day...right?)

Here are the useful things I discovered in my purse:

3 tubes of long lost lipgloss
24 stray pieces of gum
Best Buy Gift card in the amount of $28.80 (that may come in handy w/ Christmas approaching)
Toys 'R Us Gift card in the amount of $28.27
$5.15 in spare change--mostly pennies
20% off entire purchase Gymboree coupon
Free Pizza Hut personal pan pizza coupon
Free Dairy Queen treet coupon
Free Taco Bell Crunchy Taco coupon

If you dare expose your purses, I tag: Monica, Karen W., Rebecca & Mari.


lauren said...

I totally hate it when my purse collects stuff I don't need! Its not my fault, really, it is totally that my purse craves junk, it happens all by itself... at least that is my story!

Amanda & Jason said...
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Amanda & Jason said...

The funny thing is I don't even have a purse anymore. There's really no where to take one here on the Rez!! LOL!

Rebecca said...

Now I've been tagged twice! I too have three purses, and when went through them all looking for my wallet, knowing that Carrie had tagged me, I was thinking, "how is it possible that I am finding playdough and and a putty knife in my purse, but no wallet?" I need to do this already!