Monday, November 10, 2008

A Miracle for Mia

I am about to burst with some miraculous news!! Seriously, if I could've scaled my roof late last night and shouted out the glorious news from my rooftop and not been in fear of being arrested for disturbing the peace, I totally would have.


Late last evening I received an email from a good friend letting me know that Mia's miracle had arrived. After four months of waiting, the hospital called our friend Mimi last night and let her know that they had "accepted a heart for Mia". She is in surgery as I write and will hopefully be done before noon today. Keep in touch with her progress on their family blog!

Of course this is still an uphill battle for sweet little Mia, but the wait for a heart is finally over. Baby Mia will be receiving the ultimate gift from a donor family who has suffered their own tragedy in order that Mia might have a new chance at life. My heart breaks for the family that has lost their infant, yet I am so grateful that they have chosen to give their infant's heart to Mia. Organ donation is such a selfless act.

I thought you all would like the update. Thank you again, for your kind words, prayers, financial donations, etc...They have meant so much to me, but more importantly to Mia's family. I will keep you posted. Continue to keep her in your prayers.


Stephanie said...

It's amazing how I can not even know these people but feel so much emotion over this situation. I am so happy for them - I cannot even imagine the full range of emotions they must all be feeling right now. Thanks for posting the story about her and the updates.

Jon and Melissa said...

Wow, what a miracle. I am so happy to hear this.

Bill and Mandy Guidry said...

That is so exciting! She is such a beautiful baby!