Monday, December 21, 2009

Birthday Train...Coming Through.

As if December isn't crazy busy enough already... We have several family birthdays this month. Josh's sister Lauren for one. My dad, is another one. Finally, we have our two boys who celebrate birthdays in December (Landon on the 13th and Jacob on the 29th). (Personal plea: Please, keep Josh and I in separate states during the month of March from now on, lol...Somehow March romance leads to crazy Decembers. Not sure how that happens. Wink, wink.)

This week we had the opportunity to host a little party to celebrate both my dad's 58th birthday and Landon's 2nd birthday. We enjoyed dinner out at Outback and came home to eat birthday cake and open gifts.
Landon loved the train cake that Josh helped me make. He also loved the train sets from us and my parents. For my dad, we decided to all go in as brothers and sisters and purchase him a ticket to the Mountain West Conference Basketball Championships in Las Vegas in March. That's always a favorite trip for him to take with my Mom. Instead of just handing Dad over the money for his ticket, we put together a little BYU gift bag, complete with pompoms, and other BYU paraphanelia. However, in order for Dad to "earn" his money, he had to answer 12 trivia questions about BYU basketball. Each question was put inside an envelope containing a certain amount of money ranging from about $10-20. If he got the answer wrong (which suprisingly enough, he did miss some), he had to hand the money over to my mom. Can't say she minded one bit. But, because all of us really wanted Dad to have the opportunity to take this trip, we ended the trivia question round with a bonus, winner-take-all question he was sure to get. Needless to say, Dad ended up with the funds to purchase his game tickets.

It was a fun night. The kids always love having Nana and Papa here.