Sunday, August 3, 2008

...You Look Like a Monkey & You Smell Like One Too!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Josh. Happy Birthday to you. Scooby Doo on channel two. Many more on channel four. You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!

Josh spent his real 32nd birthday with 20 young men, their fathers & fellow YM leaders at Lake Cushman for this year's Boy Scout High Adventure. He adores the young men in our ward and probably couldn't have chosen a better way to celebrate his special day. And, when he got home...he did look a little like a monkey (because of the dirt) and definitely smelled like one. (Love you honey.)

When he arrived home from his camping trip, the kids surprised him with a new movie, gift cards to Best Buy & an IOU for some basketball shoes of his choice (which come with a free pair of crutches for his next foot/ankle injury). They had even helped make a cake for Josh's birthday & couldn't wait for him to eat it (literally--they had eaten several pieces before Josh had even had one).

Later that evening, we met up with some good friends (Sean & Jodi Elwell) and enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Stanley & Seaforts overlooking the water in Tacoma. It was Jodi's birthday too. The restaurant staff provided both Josh and Jodi with complimentary desserts which they were so kind to share with us as well.


mari elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSHUA LEE!!! I love you big bro! And I am crossin' my fingers for ya with those basketball shoes....scary! Ps. I can't believe you're that old..ahha!