Monday, August 4, 2008

She Does Her Little Turn On The Catwalk

What started as a serious question by my 6 year-old, has turned into an all out obsession for my 3-year old.


Jacob (6 yr. old): "Mom, what is a catwalk?"
Mom: (somewhat distracted and not really wanting to go into a complex discussion): "What do you think it is?"
Jacob: "I think it's one of those runways that models walk on."
Mom: "Good thinking Jake. You're right." (I was feeling pretty relieved the conversation was quick and painless.)

A few hours later the kids were helping me sort the laundry. I came out of the laundry room to discover a makeshift catwalk created from bathmats and runners lined up one after another. Kaylee and Jake were taking turns strutting their stuff on the catwalk, complete with turns and poses as they reached each end. They continued their modeling debuts for about 20 minutes, each runway attempt getting more involved and showy. Little did I know, Kaylee's performances wouldn't end there.

Last week at the YMCA while we were waiting for Jacob to finish his swimming lessons, Kaylee climbed to the top of the bleacher seats. She promptly placed her hands on her hips, started strutting across her "runway" and put on quite the show with pretty sexy moves for a 3 year-old. When she was finished with her little performance, I noticed everyone turned their attention from her, to me, and I swear the expressions on their faces seemed to say, "Hmmm...I wonder where she learned those moves". I wanted to shout out, "It wasn't me!! If you only knew her father." Luckily, Jacob came out of the changing room just in time, and we made a quick exit.

I'm a little worried about where her next catwalk will pop up. Stay tuned.


mari elizabeth said...

hahah. LIKE YOU BLAME IT ON JOSH! I have seen you dance, I remember in Cranium you had some moves to go along with those humdingers! lol!! And i love this story, your kids are hilarious! I love that they are always up to something funny! Just wait for the day when Jake asks "Hey mom, whats a Cat-Call?"

Mindee Graver said...

That is so funny, maybe not for you at the time, but we can all laugh about it now :) Your kids are so cute! Kaylee reminds me of Bethanee at that age.

Stephanie said...

PLEASE let it happen during the Primary program in October. PLEASE. :)

Anna Conner said...

That is hilarious! I can actually picture that in my mind as you described it. I LOVE kids!

Rebecca said...

She had to be born with it. I'll never forget her booty shaking dance moves last year on the 4th. She was only two!! So darling.