Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Favorite Summer Tradition

I know. I know. Summer has been over for a few weeks now. School is back in session. Yada. Yada. I just thought I'd let you all in on one of our new favorite summer traditions: camping at Banks Lake. I can call it a tradition because we've now done it two years in a row and already have it on our calendar for next year. It's one of those experiences that only takes participating in once & then you and your children are hooked and can't imagine missing it. We've been participating now for 2 years, although unfortunately, we had to pass up the opportunity for 5 years previous. Our good friends, the Jones family (I have known them since I was a teenager), have been going on this trip with their family for 20 years. Most of the families that go on this trip, also have some deep-rooted connection to the Jones, either by familial tie or close-knit friendship. If you've never been, plan a trip. The setting is gorgeous, and there is so much to do with the lake right on the edge of camp. Our children live in their bathing suits happily playing in the sand & water, fishing, digging, canoeing, skiing, boating and eating S'mores to their hearts delight. As a mother, it is the perfect summer get-away, where the kids can get dirty, stay up late & run around as much as they want. As much fun as the kids have, the fun for adults is equally matched. We stay up late chatting, telling stories & jokes, playing games & scaring the pants off each other. It's the best!


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

ahha! I love Josh's form on his "dip" into the water! Toe's pointed & everything!!

It looks like so much fun, and your kids are so cute in their water gear!

Anonymous said...

No makeup aloud while camping???? LOL!!!

Photographer: Rebecca Pierce said...

It was so ironic since I grew up with Ricker's brother's family...which was eventually just Ricker's ex-sister-in-law's family (I mean, his brother was still the dad, but wasn't in our ward anymore). So Banks is super nostalgic for me, we were a family of seven with no boat, so we never went as a family, but I was always invited by friends and had such fun there. It was funny, my friend from growing up, Sarah, then, Sarah Jones, was there at the same time as you all this year. Random!