Monday, May 4, 2009

mArCh MAdNeSs...
(that quickly turned into
ApRiL AbSuRdiTY)

where things got a little bit crazy

Was March a little CrAzY for anyone else? I found myself going a little mad, seriously. I couldn't keep up with all of the must-go-to events, let alone keep my head screwed on long enough to figure out which way was up or down. That carried over into April, & before I knew it, that month had flown by too. Here's the short list of our months of INsAnItY.

8 swimming lessons
+8 gymnastics lessons
+4 ballet classes
+3 basketball practices
+4 basketball games
+1 birthday for Kaylee
+1 husband out of town in California for 4 days
+9 days of repairmen at my home
+5 days of kids home from school for Spring "break"
+1 farewell party for a fabulous friend
+1 V.I.P. Day at Preschool
+2 weddings
+1 Relief Society Enrichment activity
+1 birthday excursion for another fabulous friend
+10 days of driving to and from preschool
+ Easter (& numerous egg hunts)
+ General Conference & Stake Conference
+ Ultimate baby shower for 6 friends
+ Candle party
+ countless days of sick kids
+ a week of being sick with Strep myself
+ TAxEs--those alone are enough to make anyone a little mad!
+ 5 college graduations
+ 3 baseball practices
+ 1 anniversary (11 years!)
+ 2 trips to Utah to visit family
+ lots of trips to the gym (which resulted in even more madNesS)

= 2 CrAzy parents!!

Here is a small sampling of pictures from the madness:


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I love the picture of the three of them sleeping!! I am such a proud Aunt!! They are sooo cute! & I cannot believe how busy you have been (no wonder you haven't had time to blog!) All those graduation pictures look great, its taught me one thing: The Price's are one good looking family!! Congrats to all!

Amy G said...

i loved the way you did this post. lol the list was great!!!! I'm tired after looking at it. I might steal this post style the next time my dad bugs me about not posting on my blog more. lol