Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Charmed Life

One of my worst traits is my sarcasm. Because of it, people sometimes don't understand how lucky I really feel for so many heaven-sent blessings. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd list the reasons I am so lucky. I really do live a charmed life.

1. I'm so lucky in love. How I managed to snatch up such an amazingly wonderful, kind, funny, hip, hot, adventurous, helpful, (did I say hot?) guy to spend forever with will be one of life's mysteries for me.

2. The Hostess Outlet near our home started carrying cases of Chocodiles. (Google Chocodile if you have not yet tasted this chocolate goodness.)

3. I know there is a Father in Heaven who loves me and accepts my best efforts. I also know there is a Savior who has sacrificed Himself when I fall short of my best. Not everyone has this knowledge. I am lucky I do!

4. We have a job! In this time of economic despair, we have a job!

5. We have a beautiful home with plenty of space to accomodate our growing & busy family.

6. I have a craft room of my very own and can spend time in there being creative! (Or hide in there when I can't face reality, lol!)

7. I am blessed with amazing friends, both near and far, well-known and barely familiar, yet all having made huge impressions on my life.

8. I have 3 lucky charms to call my own--Jacob, Kaylee and Landon. You are 3 precious gifts from God, and though some days are difficult, I am grateful every single day for the privilege I have been given to be your mom.

9. I have tasted the sweetness of having a full-time career and am now afforded the amazing opportunity to enjoy the even greater sweetness of being a full-time homemaker.

10. We are debt-free (with the exception of our house).

11. We are healthy.

12. Josh takes the kids out during Sacrament when they are being irreverent. (I know...I'm spoiled.)

13. Others can sing. (Because trust me...if I had to listen to myself all day long...we'd be in debt from buying stock in ear plugs.)

14. We can laugh! Oh how I love to laugh.

15. I have my own personal shopper (yes...Josh again) who will run to the store at a moments notice to pick up a forgotten item. Seriously, he'll even stay up until 12:01 a.m. to avoid breaking the Sabbath to get something I need for Monday morning.

16. A huge extended family loves and cares about me and my family.

17. I had the privilege of an amazing college education that continues to be put to use every day of my life.

18. Cadbury eggs are stocked for Easter! Love these little creamed filled chocolate wonders!

19. Although not my idea of a dream car, my van is paid for, fits our family and still runs!

20. I have TIME to pause, reflect and be grateful. I thank my lucky stars for good living!


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I love the way you write! I always want to keep reading & reading! Your kids are so cute & I love all the festive decorations! You know how to make the holidays fun! I have such a cute sister in law!!