Tuesday, December 2, 2008

High School Tag

So, I've been tagged again. This time, I'm supposed to reflect on the "glory days" (a.k.a. "high school").

1. Did you date someone from your school?
That's somewhat of an interesting question. I went on dates with guys from high school, but only dated one of them exclusively for a short period of time. I was way too shy.

2. What kind of car did you drive?
Oh, funny you should ask. My first car was a handmedown. I had the privilege of driving my parents' Oldsmobile that was literally falling apart. I remember my brother insisted that I drop him off at the jr. high school a block before reaching the school because my turn signal was broken and I had to stick my hand out the window to signal I was turning. Later on, I think just prior to my senior year, my parents took pity on me and bought me a used Nissan Sentra. It was a huge improvement.

3. Did you pass your drivers test on your first try?
I passed the written test the first time, but didn't pass the driving test on my first try.

4. Were you a party animal?
No, I wasn't into the party scene, but I definitely liked to have fun and be at social events--mostly high school sponsored events.

5. Were you considered a flirt?
Ha,ha. I wish. I was so shy and lacked confidence I could barely muster up the nerve to talk to someone I liked, let alone flirt with them. In fact, at our Senior breakfast, I was voted "Most Innocent". (A nickname for "shy" and "most clueless".)

6. Were you in band, orchestra or choir?
No, being in those would've meant I actually had musical talent.

7. Were you a nerd?
I plead the 5th. (How should I answer that, lol...either answer makes me sound pitiful.)

8. Were you on any varsity teams?
Yes, I played Varsity Volleyball my Jr. and Sr. years of high school--middle hitter/blocker.

9. Can you still sing the fight song?
Yes. As I said, I went to a lot of school sponsored events, and it helped knowing the cheer squad really well.





10. Who were your favorite teachers?
My favorite teachers were: Mr. Casey ( Honors English), Mr. Comer ( Honors American Government), & Mr. Linebarger ( AP Physics).

11. Where did you sit for lunch?
It varied. Sometimes in the cafeteria. Other times on the bench in Sr. Hall. Often, I'd eat with friends in the Yearbook/Newspaper room.

12. What is your schools full name?
Kentwood Senior High School

13. What is your schools mascot and colors?
Conqueror. Green, silver and black.

14. Did you go to homecoming and with who?
I went to homecoming my Jr. year with Theron Waisath--my first boyfriend. I didn't go my senior year.

15. If you could go back and do it again would you?
Definitely! I especially loved my senior year. I would go back as a more confident, out-going version of my former self.

16. What did you remember most about graduation?
Two things. First, my best friend Heidi and I unknowingly showed up for graduation in the exact same dress. Secondly, at our grad night party, there was a hypnotist and Heidi was randomly hypnotized in the audience and did the silliest things and had no recollection of it.

17. Where did you go for senior skip day?
We had a sleep over/party at Karen Chisholm's house and went to Shari's for breakfast the next morning.

18. Were you in any clubs?
Yeah, I think German club.

19. Have you gained some weight since then?
Hmm...what do you think? It's been 15 years since graduation and 3 kids.

20. Who was you prom date?
Brian Farnsworth, a guy from my ward that I was good friends with and had had a "secret" crush on forever. (Well, I don't know how "secret" the crush really was, lol...poor guy.)

21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion?
Umm, yeah, I did go to it, and will hopefully be able to attend our 20th.

22. Did you have a job in high school?
I never worked during the school year. During the summers I worked as a receptionist at my dad's dental office. The summer following my senior year, I worked at Kent 6 Movie Theater as a ticket taker and concessionaire.

I tag: Amanda, Lauren and Mindee. Tell us about your glory days. EDIT: I also tag Rebecca. I had originally wanted to tag her too, but had tagged her on my purse post too...so, I was trying to spare her. :)


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

#10 should answer #7 (ap, honors, honors..) JK! I never knew some of this about you, I am glad you did it! Now I know you better!

Rebecca said...

Oh no! I really want to do this tag, will you tag me too?! He, he. what a fun one. I loved high school. I'm glad that you still know your fight song. I can still do the whole dance to the song. crazy.

Jen said...

First of all, Mari...I may be a "dumb blonde", but I *think* you just insinuated that I was a nerd? Which means by default, you called all of my friends nerds too, lol. And since we're friends...(Just kidding....)Secondly, are you saying you can't be "cool" and smart? Hmmm....something to think about. (Lol....)

And...Rebecca, I officially tag you too! Looking forward to your great post.

a wynn wynn situation said...

That was so fun to read! Since I knew you very well in HS I have to say you were and are very cool- definitely not a nerd :) And I could just die that you liked Comer and Linebarger! Huh? Linebarger was so mean and Mr. Comer will forever be a caricature in my mind- remember the funny pictures Randi J would draw that looked just like him? Too funny.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

haha. You know I love you & think you are cool AND smart! I definitely don't know my school's fight song..you got me on that one for sure! And you aren't a dumb blonde, lets be honest, I hold the torch on that one!

Groverfam said...

just reading this had me reminiscing. I so would have answered a few of your questions differently than you did- were you a nerd? Please take it from me... everyone loved Jenny and would never have an unkind thing to say of her...those of you who know her can attest to that. I do remember the oldsmobile...scary...remember the ditch? Hee! Hee! love you!