Thursday, September 11, 2008


did your hair
grow so long?
did you learn so many words?
did you develop your
sense of humor?
did you start wanting to "be
a big girl"?
did you start
playing make
did you start
sharing (or trying to)?
did you start talking on the
did you start
picking out
your own
did you become
my little girl?

will I stop thinking of you
as my baby?

My "big girl" started her first year of preschool last Tuesday. Mrs. Spencer is already working her magic at "Our World to Discover Preschool". We look forward to a great year.


lauren said...

she is beautiful! You certainly have great kids. I feel the same about my kids growing up. When did all this happen? I hate that they grow up so fast... Good luck.

Rachel said...

She is so adorable. I was "helper mom" yesterday and loved getting to know her better! She was so much fun to talk to while we worked on her craft project. And every day I look forward to seeing what cute, perfectly coordinated outfit you dress her in. Lauren will have no part in me helping her pick out clothes. I buy outfits and she won't wear them together like I intended.