Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to Class

It was back-to-school for Jacob yesterday. He started first grade in Mrs. Tran's class. He loved his first day, especially having two recesses--one of which he shared with his best friend, Jacob who is in 2nd grade.

Here is a quick "back to school" rundown:

New Star Wars backpack: $14.99 @ Target

Spider Man lunch sack: $7.99 @ Toys 'R Us

Fresh haircut: $9.95 @ SmartCuts (Ammon, don't

Football shirt and reversible vest: $24 @ Gymboree

Z-Strap Sketchers that match your best friend's: $44.99 @ Famous Footwear

Seeing the look on your sister's face when she realizes you'll be gone at school ALL day (and she won't have to fight over which t.v. shows to watch): PRICELESS!

Here's wishing you a great school year Jacob! We love you.
(Stay tuned. Kaylee's first day of preschool is next week.)


Rebecca said...

Love how Carver-like little Landon is looking! He's changed so much! Wow. Darling pics, what a fun day!

Chris & Mari Spiker said...

So cute! I really like the pictures of them holding hands, & the one of Kaylee & Landon-both smiling!! Such a great shot! Jake is so HANDSOME!

AmyG said...

very cute!