Monday, April 28, 2008


A big THANK YOU to Carrie for helping me start to figure out this whole blogging thing. What would I do without wonderfully talented friends? For those of you who are pros, be patient with me. I feel like I'm a baby learning to walk. Over the next while, you'll see things changing a lot as I experiment with different blog elements. Hopefully, one day soon, I'll have something respectable.



Rebecca said...

Okay, colors look great! Time to post! :)

Groverfam said...

I can't wait to see what fun stuff you post. I love having ways to keep in touch with my dear friends. i love comments and all that fun stuff that helps us all know we are part of each others lives. look forward to hearing from you.

Nate and Lynlee Price said...

Nate just showed me today you guys have a blog in the making! I'm excited! Again, another way to keep updated!

Carrie said...

This looks lovely, Jen! You did good. Now, hurry up would ya and post more so that my picture will drop to the bottom. :)

Love ya!... Carrie