Monday, February 24, 2014

Glam Camping Party: Sneak Peek

Camping parties are not just for boys.  When my daughter asked me last summer if she could have a girly camping themed party for her next birthday, I knew just the perfect graphic designers to get on board for the theme.  Anders Ruff Custom Designs has been customizing printable party decor and invitations for me for close to 3 years now.  I love their style and attention to details. They already had an amazing Glam Camping themed collection and invitation available in their shop and have been amazing to design a few unique things for me to use for this event.
And then there is the amazing Brenda, of .  Brenda designed blankets, pillow cases, hair accessories and the most amazing glam camping tents you've ever seen. 


To see more of the fun details to come, be sure to check back here!


Chinobilly Mamma said...

This looks really cute! Would love to see more...

Chinobilly Mamma said...

Cute party! I would love to see more. I'm planning a camping party for my twins birthday