Sunday, October 6, 2013


A year ago, a beautiful friend lost her sweet daughter while they were in FL for a “Make a Wish” trip. While Mia was here, she brought such joy and happiness to everyone she met, having overcome great obstacles of her own to accomplish what many take for granted.

Her mother’s simple wish to remember and honor her precious daughter is this—On October 8th, DO ONE (1) ACT OF KINDNESS in Mia’s name. Just one. One kind thing to bring joy and happiness to someone else the way Mia always did. It’s a simple thing really, to do an act of kindness for someone. If you don’t know Mia’s family, but know me and would do this one thing as my friend, I will be forever grateful. Choose one kind act. Do it.  Comment below with what you did in Mia’s name, and I will link the family to your acts of kindness so that through you, they can see Mia’s goodness still blessing others. 

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