Monday, July 16, 2012

Kara's Party Ideas On Sale Now!!

As a lover of all things party, I am thrilled to have been asked by the talented Kara Allen of the popular website Kara's Party Ideas to help launch the pre-sale of her ultimate party idea book, Kara's Party Ideas, now available for pre-sale on Amazon for a special introductory price of only $19.99. 

The cover alone has me SO excited about what we can expect to find in the full-color guide which features 13 unique parties outlined from start to finish, including stunning photos, tutorials, party printables and more!

Known for inspiring party planners around the world through her website, Kara Allen is now putting an extraordinary assortment of her best parties to date in the palm of her reader’s hands! The best part? Kara is giving away all of her secrets, by including a step by step guide to how each party was created!

As an added bonus, Kara's Party Ideas also includes a CD containing printable invites and party decor to go along with many of the party themes. Plus, Kara includes a comprehensive vendor list at the end of each party detailing for the reader where every single party element can be purchased!

Kara's Party Ideas will wow readers with seven never-before-seen parties and six fan-favorites, each displayed in remarkable detail through photos and descriptions. From the delightful Circus Train Birthday Party (p.47) which features baby cribs as display tables arranged into a circus train, to the breathtaking Princess Birthday Party (p.1) where several elegantly dressed princesses held an exquisite tea party in a blossoming fruit orchard, to the exquisitely detailed Pow Wow Party (p.21) featuring a child-sized teepee and desert corncobs made using Twinkies, Kara's Party Ideas is full of fun creativity, that will inspire the party planning novice as well as the professional event stylist.

Don't miss out!  Pre-order your copy today here and get all the inspiration you need to turn your special moments into unforgettable memories.



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