Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Under The Sea Tea Party

(click on collage to enlarge photos)

With Max's birth shortly after Kaylee's 5th birthday last year, I never did get around to posting pictures from her "Under the Sea" Tea Party.  Of course, keeping with the running theme of Disney Princesses from the past 2 birthdays, Kaylee chose to honor Princess Ariel this year.

All the 'little mermaids' were sent custom invitations (cute Little Mermaid bottles filled with the invitation scrolled up).  Upon arrival, they received their 'mermaid tails'--adorable sequined skirts with tulle fins designed and sewn by my friend, Jaimee Nelson-- and a handmade shell bracelet. 

Soon after, Ursula (Whitney Egbert) arrived, being sure to snatch up the unsuspecting little mermaids with her tentacles while they danced to the Little Mermaid soundtrack.  They loved her!

The mermaids were then treated to an under the sea smorgasboard on the ocean floor, including, tuna fish 'sand'wiches, seafood pasta salad, hotdogs in the shape of an octopus, goldfish crackers, chips, fruit & blue lagoon punch.  For dessert, they enjoyed cupcakes decorated like fish, crabs and the beach.

One of the favorite activities was making a home in a golfish bowl and choosing a live goldfish to take home as a party favor.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

SO cute!! She will have so many wonderful memories of the wonderful parties you threw her. You're such a great mom (and party planner!)

ps. you should start a business already! :)

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