Sunday, February 20, 2011

How Do I {LOVE} Thee...?

I {LOVE} love.

Look up 'hopeless romantic' in a dictionary. Yep, there's my picture. O.K., maybe not, but if I wrote the dictionary, *MY* picture would accompany the definition. I'll take that up with Mr. Webster, soon. Like right after I do my taxes and the laundry.

Soooo, you'd guess that one who LOVES love, also loves Valentine's Day, and you'd be right.

I love the hand-written notes, sweet sentiments, thoughtful gestures & simple romance behind the day. It's not about money spent. I still get giddy holding hands (with 4 kids, usually we are holding one of their hands, instead of each others), sneaking a kiss & sharing a conversation without interruption. O.K., and I love the chocolate. Chocolate dipped strawberries. Truffles. You name it, if there is chocolate in it, I'm in love.

This year, the kids & I made these :

And these:

O.K., and some of these:

And we may have added cute little labels to these Hershey's chocolates too:

Next year, I'm adding these to our {LOVE} menu.

After all, it's all about the little details...

Speaking of details...Stay tuned for the amazing details of our Valentine's Weekend! Coming up next!


Outnumbered Three To One said...

I love the marshmallow heart cut outs in the hot chocolate. Do you know how they did it or do you have a link of where you found it?

Jen said...

Hey Carrie--

I think they cut the marshmallow in half and then used a mini metal cookie cutter.

I'll see if I can find the link. :)

Miss you.

Jen said...

What do you know...I had not even looked at the original post, but found it for ya:

Super cute!

Mimi said...

mmmmmm. Those look taaaasty! You are super fance! I usually am a big seasonal decorator, but my entire valentines day bin sat on my couch for three weeks waiting for me to decorate and it never happened!

I feel like the worst my EVER! Ellie wanted to invite "Kayleeeee Carver" to her birthday party and I completely forgot until she asked about her after the party. She wanted to invite Brooke too. I am the worst mom EVER! So, we will have to have a play date.. to make it up to Ellie. I swear I am losing my touch! I meant to facebook you, but never get on facebook... and the only invites that made it out were to her class. Anyway, just wanted to see if we could steal your daughter one of these days to play with Ellie.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

SO awesome!!! So creative. I love it. I love little details and projects that really make things special. You're so good at that!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

Love are looking so cute! And yummy too