Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Day of Firsts...

Last Thursday was back-to-school day in our area. As irony would have it, my kids had just figured out what it meant to sleep in for once, and here it was already time to get back to the insane early morning routine. Go figure...

This school year will be a little crazier than usual. Not only do we have 2 in school, but 2 at 2 different schools.

Jake was fortunate enough to qualify for the 3rd grade "Quest" program (an accelerated class), housed at a local elementary school, but not our home elementary school.
His class starts 20 minutes earlier than Kaylee's school. Because of a crazy transportation schedule he has to be driven there each morning. I am hopeful that the differentiated curriculum and accelerated pace will be worth the extra effort and morning chaos. The verdict is still out on that one. Check back after a few frazzled months have past.
Our little Kaylee started Kindergarten and joined Jake in the "big kid" status department. She is thrilled to have a reason to have her own back pack and lunch box. She has already obsessed each day about her wardrobe and accessories, and I can tell there will be many high maintenance years to come (lol).

As for Landon...he was certain he was heading to school this year with the big kids. He insisted on loading up one of Jake's old backpacks with his favorite books, alphabet cards and snacks for lunch. He toted it around on his shoulders all morning long and was insistant on bringing it in the car with us on our morning errands. He begged for "cool dude" hair and literally forced me to take his picture with his backpack on when he noticed me taking the other kids' pictures. I have a feeling this will be a long disappointing year for him as he watches his best buddies leave for school each day and realizes he is stuck home with good old Mom for another year.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

SO CUTE!! I can't wait to see them in a month!