Wednesday, May 26, 2010

To Max, With Love

May 24, 2010

My Dear Baby Max,

On May 3, 2010, shortly after 4 p.m. I welcomed you as my 4th little miracle. Three weeks have passed since the wonderful day of your birth, a day when my empty arms became full once again & I was reminded by my Father in Heaven just how precious & sacred the gift of motherhood truly is. My eyes filled with tears as Dr. Nickel assisted your little fragile body into this world and gently handed you over to me to hold for the first time, a beautiful, healthy son.

The feeling in that moment is indescribable. The love your dad and I have had for you since the moment we learned of your existence seemed to multiply a thousand times. You took our breath away. It was love at first sight. Our hearts instantly grew, never to be the same again.

Each time I hold you, I'm carried away by your intoxicatingly sweet baby smell and mesmerized by your beautiful eyes and miniature features. I love stroking your thick, dark hair and snuggling your little body close to mine.

In a few short months, you will have strength enough to hold up your own head and it will become increasingly easier for you to escape my smothering hugs and kisses. Until then, I will seize every opportunity to hold you close, to keep you protected in my arms. I wish I could freeze time and keep you tiny for a little longer. If wishing on the brightest star would make it so, I'd lay awake each night star-gazing. But, I know that is not how it is to be, and my time with you will pass faster than I can imagine.

Since the day of your birth, time has already moved so quickly, just as the older generations cautioned it would. You've already grown inches and ounces, and before I know it, you will stand taller than I do.

Your little hands that wrap softly around my fingers now, will grow large and strong. My hope for you is that your hands will always be found helping & serving others and doing much good.

Your feet, still too tiny for newborn shoes, will grow long and wide, giving support to your body. May they always be found walking in the ways of truth and light, following the path that our Savior took. May your eyes, so innocent and bright always reflect an honest, good soul.

May your mind, so pure & so clean, always remember the love your Father in Heaven has for you, the love your dad and I have for you, and the tremendous gift you are to our family.

On May 3, 2010, shortly after 4 p.m. I welcomed you as my 4th little miracle & today, I count the privilege of being your mother as one of my greatest blessings and responsibilities. I love you Max. Welcome to the Carver Crew!

All my love,


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

That is so sweet. He is so beautiful. I love him so much already, I am sure that will only double when I get to meet him.

You're a good mama Jen, he is lucky to have you.

Mimi said...

Oh he is just precious!!!


Jon and Melissa said...

Such a handsome little man. Congratulations! We are so excited for your family.

outnumberedthreetoone said...

Those pictures are precious. Love love love them...

OzzyFamily said...

He is adorable. What beautiful pictures to celebrate his birth. Congratulations!

Rachel Hudgins said...

I love all that hair. He is perfect. Congratulations.