Monday, November 9, 2009

...And they lived happily ever after.

Keep my friends Kristin and Adam in first place to win the wedding dress of Kristin's dreams! Have you voted? It's so easy. Simply click the link and vote. Also, leaving a review/comment wins Kristin huge points. It's such a small sacrifice to make when "happily ever after" is at stake.

A little bit more about Kristin and Adam (if you are new to their the post below this one): This is a picture of the ring Adam gave to Kristin when he asked her to marry him after a few years of dating.

Why, you might be wondering, am I posting about it? Because it represents the start to their "happily ever after". After being proposed to on a cruise ship, surrounded by most of their closest friends, Kristin, filled with emotion & through tears, replied "yes" and Adam slipped this gorgeous ring on her finger. Since that momentous day, the couple has been busy planning their New England farm-style wedding. Adam & Kristin have both been dreaming of this day for a long time. You can help play a BIG part in making their wedding a little bit more special by voting and sharing their story.

Every girl dreams of the dress she will wear as she commits to a lifetime of love. Few have the opportunity to win their dream dress. With your help, Kristin is currently in FIRST PLACE in this contest. However, there are still 7 more days of voting and she needs your help to keep her in the lead.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I voted & will keep voting! I hope she wins!

Jen said...

Thanks Mari! You're awesome.