Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Royal Engagement

Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, lived not one, but two little girls who dreamed of having a royal princess party with all of their little friends to celebrate their upcoming 4th birthday. Not wanting to be the wicked step-mothers depicted in their daughter's favorite bedtime stories, the mothers of these two little girls got together and devised a royal plan: A princess party fitting of two princesses!

First, a sparkling invitation was delivered by royal coach (Dodge Caravan/ Nissan Pathfinder)inviting all the fair maidens in the land to attend the royal celebration.

Next, the finest bakers (Costco Bakery) in the land were charged with creating a cake to delight the palates of the invited guests.

The fairy mothers busied themselves with balloon orders, decorations, party favors, game preparations and crafts worthy of such a grand occasion. With a wave of their wand (and a lot of duct tape & push pins)they transformed the ordinary church gym into a fancy castle ballroom.

Favor bags and princess puzzles for every guest.

Body glitter craft.

Glitter crown craft.

Princess artwork & sticker craft.

Princess "primping" station.

Royal nail salon.

Finally, the long-awaited for day arrived. Princess Kaylee and Princess Brooke dressed in their finest gowns, as did their princess friends.

They danced, crafted, primped and played!

Then, we "let them eat cake".

Finally, the girls opened presents from their very generous friends.

When the party was over and the royal ballroom had turned back into the church gym, the princesses and their tired mothers returned home to live "happily ever after."


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

CUTE! I love the daddy daughter dance. This party is awesome! Any little girl would kill to have this be her birthday party, way to go.